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About Us

Thanks for visiting my website. Western Demographics is a Colorado Corporation and is owned and operated by Shannon Bingham - that's me in the picture. My first job out of graduate school was as a school district planning director and school planning has kept me busy during the past seventeen-years. I have been the Planning Director of Academy 20 and Boulder Valley School Districts. I have also been the technology coordinator for Boulder Valley and have been a planner and researcher for the Northwest Regional Education Laboratory. I hold a degree in Accounting and a Master's degree in City and Regional Planning along with some post graduate work in outdoor education. I have worked for school districts, private school foundations and small cities all over the mountain west and a few back east. In my spare time, I lead river and ocean kayaking trips all over North America and perform informally as a singer and folk musician. I have lived in Boulder Colorado for almost ten years and the Western Demographics offices are located there.

I am very proud of the skills that I have developed during my career and have been a successful private consultant for almost eleven years. I have worked for well over a hundred different school districts ranging in enrollment from 500 to 170,000 and my services are very much in demand. I consider myself to be an expert facilitator and many districts seek out my services to assist with running planning committees and public meetings - I am very proud of this skill as it gives me an opportunity to work with parents and families directly. I have also become an expert in the areas of demographic analysis, enrollment projection and operational planning. I enjoy being part of teams and have found that I can tactfully work with just about anybody to achieve common goals. I also have been blessed with a strong sensitivity to diversity and a gift for addressing challenging issues without offending sensitive clienteles. This has been a very valuable combination of skills that has served me well over the years.

Finally, I hope to add content to this website during the coming months that will make this website not only a marketing tool for my firm, but a resource for those involved in educational and municipal planning. Thanks again for your interest in my firm and I wish you the best in your endeavors.